I have never personally had much concern about accidently reading some “spoiler” about a film when I read through postings and comments. However, I know that some do.

For this reason, even though not a requirement, as a matter of courtesy it is probably a good habit for all of us to place an alert such as (“NOTE — this post might contain spoilers”) at the top of any post or comment we leave on this blog if we think our post might reveal some information that someone who has not yet viewed the film might not want to have revealed.



One thought on “Spoilers

  1. Ron:

    I agree with you that personally I have no problem reading a comment or commentary, review, or article that may contain “spoilers”. If a person does not want to find out more information about the film, why read about it? Admittedly, if one is writing a review for a film’s opening, then perhaps it makes sense not to bang directly on plot factors that would “spoil” a new viewers experience. But narratives on older films, commentaries, and articles must peel back the machinations of the movie in order to illuminate, prove their points, etc. Perhaps, though, because this blogsite is out there for public consumption, the “may contain spoilers” default is imperative. I know that IDMb does require comments to post it. I guess, personally, I will try and add that disclaimer to my film comments, because my comments always contain some level of “spoilers”.


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