Walk On Water

Dir:  Eytan Fox–cast probably unknown to most of us.  Well, I have to admit to watching about 12-26 movies a week–most of which I won’t reveal for fear of laughter, derision, and gufaws.  However, admist my horror thrillers, and cowboy movies, along with Native American cinema, and comedy like Ma and Pa Kettle–I ocasionally run accross real gems.  Walk on Water was such a movie.  I commend it to you for the STORY, the places you will visit, i.e. Israel, and Germany.  For me it was mostly the story, it captured my imagination, my emotions, and my mind.  Google the film name if you want more information.

Cheerfully,  Phantom Director


One thought on “Walk On Water

  1. Roger:
    Excellent call on this film from Isreal. It might be a future pick for the Producer’s. It sounds fascinating. Isreali films can be wonderful. They have a very active film industry, working within the chaos of perpetual war. I ordered a copy of it. Thanks, man.

    Wow, you watch more than a dozen films a week. You might be the TFC cinema champ there. In my vast collection of films, of course, I have a complete Ma & Pa Kettle, Francis the Talking Mule, along with the Andy Hardy series, the Blondie series, and all the Hope/Crosby Road movies. Let me know if you are searching for something to watch. I probably will have it.

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