2007 Membership Cards

Fellow members, yes, it is already time to consider renewing membership in the TFC. David and I are going to redesign the card this year, making it fit the new TFC poster, post card, and business card format. I am working on the changes with my son-in-law, Joel. I don’t know if we can have the cards ready by our next meeting on January 17th. I will try. But regardless, rest assured that your board members are “working” on this latest project. The membership cards will emerge soon, and they will be better than ever; unique and new.

Glenn B.


2 thoughts on “2007 Membership Cards

  1. Good News on the membership cards! Joel has already come up with the design, and sent me a jpg of it –and it looks great! I have shared the jpg with Roger, Ron, & David. I am going to try and get Joel to actually run them off at home, so that he can put the membership signature section on the backs of them. This note is as per 11am, Monday, 1/8/07.

  2. Even better news, gang. Joel has jumped on this job, and he will deliver the 60 membership cards to me this weekend, and I will be able to get them to David before the next TFC meeting. Then we will be able to get down to the serious business of renewing our fourth year of membership. Several TFC members have “framed” their copies of the new Tacoma Film Club poster. Ron wore his TFC logo tee shirt while he stood in line at the 2007 Palm Springs Film Festival. What a great way to launch the new year.


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