new banner image for blogsite

I used cut and paste to prepare a new banner image for our blogsite from the membership card image file. I had to stretch it some to get it to fit exactly into the box, which distorts the image. If someone else wants to take a little more time and prepare an image that fits into the box without distortion, prepare one (it needs to be 770 x 140 pixels to fit exactly into the box) and email it to me and I will swap it with this one. In the meantime, we at least have an image that is related to us rather than the generic image that came with the blogsite.



5 thoughts on “new banner image for blogsite

  1. Ron: Actually stretching it that way is kind of kinky and neat! Seriously though, My son-in-law, Joel is looking into making up the new banner which would inlcude the Mitchum and the Ava Gardner figures, with the TFC logo as well. I will have to contact him soon and check his progress. He can manipulate the images in his computer and then us all jpg’s, I guess.


  2. Joel has come through yet again for we old gents. I sent you and Roger the jpg of the new banner, and as per usual –it is stunning and very appropriate. But kudos to you, sir, for endeavoring to stimulate change in the “right” direction. You are a keeper.


  3. Ron:
    Christ, it looks better than I had anticipated; real uptown downtown look to it. I have had no problems with the configuration of the TFC main website. Thanks for working with David on the posting problems.

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