Rush to See VOLVER (2007)

Fellow members. I was at the Grand Theater this last Friday, and I was not pleased to see that they have delayed the opening of Pedro Alamodovar’s VOLVER (2006), so that they could continue to cash in on the popularity of THE QUEEN (2006). When we on the Producer’s Committee picked it several weeks ago as the theatrical film for the February meeting of the TFC, we were counting on them opening it as per their scheduled release on January 19th, two Fridays ago. The management at the Grand could only say that it may, or may not open next Friday, February 2nd. This has happened to us so many times with the Grand; a film will only run one week, and so we have one day to see it post-meeting, or it will not open at all. There are many of you that value the fine films that do get screened at the Grand, and I am amongst you. But I would submit that this inability to commit makes it nearly intolerable to predict or pick a film at that theater.

But there is a ray of sunshine in the midst of all this doom and gloom. VOLVER has opened in an “exclusive engagement” of all places at the South Hill Mall Theater. I went to see it today, Sunday, and I assure you that you need to make the effort to drive to Puyallup sometime in the next week and SEE THIS FILM! It is incredible cinema. IF it opens at the Grand next week, that will be fine too; allowing it to be seen by even more of we members.

Speaking only for myself, I find it very sad when the majority of TFC members procrastinate until the final week just before the meeting to get out to see the theatrical film, and when there is a call for a show of hands for those who have seen the film, only a few rise into the air. We all have our lives to live, of course, and it is not always convenient, or even possible to get out to see a film. But please make an effort to drive south/southwest to the South Hill Mall in Puyallup and get your chance to watch this film.



One thought on “Rush to See VOLVER (2007)

  1. Eureka! The GRAND theater has opened V O L V E R today, Friday, February 2, 2007. That will give members 19 days to see it before our Feb 21 TFC meeting. Their feature times as per their website are 2:10, 4:30. 6:55, and 9:20. So get out there and see this wonderful film!!!


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