Blink and it will be February 2007, and then we can prepare to enjoy another of our “Second Saturday Series” at Wine Styles on

Pearl Street

Tacoma. Thanks to all of you stalwart TFC members who braved the ice and snow to attend the viewing of
Miyazaki’s HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE (2006). It was gorgeous on the 12’ screen, surrounded by the Dolby sound system; and thanks to the Wine Styles staff who listed the event in their monthly newsletter, as clearly a third of that audience were new folks and non-members. Wouldn’t you know it though, after working so hard to create new business cards –we TFC members all showed up without any, and there were none to distribute to those interested parties. I assure you that will not happen again.


On Saturday, February 10, 2007, we will have the opportunity to watch THE STATION AGENT (2003), @ 89 minutes, directed by Tom McCarthy. This wonderful, witty, and touching film swept the 2003 Sundance Festival, getting awards for McCarthy for Best Screenplay, Best Drama, and an Audience Award. It is a drama with comedy, and it is a comedy with drama. The National Board of Review dubbed it, “One of the Best Pictures of the Year.” In the New York Times it was written, “It is hilarious. The kind of movie you will want others to see.”  

It stars Peter Dinklage as Fin McBride. Dinklage is a very busy actor who has appeared in 36 films since 1995. He was good in ELF, and played Binky in 13 MOONS. McBride is a loner with a passion for trains, both full sized and toy, who inherits an abandoned train station in
New Jersey. He moves into the station, enjoying being by himself in the middle of nowhere. As a little person with a fine mind, he comfortably retreats into his fantasies and interests, blocking off an outside world of giants and morons. But to our joy, this situation is subject to change; radical change. In that small town, the old station is centrally located, and it is the favorite stop for a Cuban hot dog vendor, Joe; who is played by Bobby Cannavale of 24, THIRD WATCH, and FAST FOOD NATION. Joe tends to have a motor mouth and an insatiable hunger for non-stop conversation. Soon they are joined by a local recluse and artist, Olivia, played by Patricia Clarkson; a troubled and distracted artist. Clarkson, who is one of America’s best character actresses actually did a fine job in the terrible film, DOGVILLE; and who could forget her as the warden’s turret’s-ridden wife in THE GREEN MILE. With no real common bond, other than their humanity, this unlikely trio became friends, and they found their eccentric lives being drawn together in a strong fellowship that none of them could foresee, or resist.


So on the second Saturday, February 10, 2007, let’s gather within the warmth and luxury of Wine Styles. Please arrive by 6:30pm so that you can order food or wine without standing in line. The film, THE STATION AGENT will start at 7pm. We will settle in to our padded recliners and fully enjoy another TFC screening together. It should be over by 8:30pm, and we will have the leisure to finish our wine and nibblets, and then talk a bit about it.


Glenn; for David


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