The Glenn Show

Fellow Members: Thank you all, those of you, who voted for me to represent you on the Executive Steering Committee. I love being more involved with the Club this year. For a long time I was just a boy who wanted to have fun. So I simply watched the films, wrote my comments, and came … Continue reading The Glenn Show


TFC Partys Hearty with Oscar

Wow! From 4pm last night until 9pm, Wine Styles was humming with every kind of whoop and holler, as the members of TFC has their "own" Academy Awards party. The Academy gave us all some surprises, thank goodness, and the fellowship was deep and meaningful. Managers Tim & Mary provided special treats for us, and … Continue reading TFC Partys Hearty with Oscar

VOLVER (2006)…A Few Thoughts

VOLVER (2007) This film @ 121 minutes passes much too quickly. Director Pedro Almodovar, riding high on his last three hits; BAD EDUCATION (2004), TALK TO HER (2002), and ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER (1999), delivers again. Almodovar has been called,”the most internationally acclaimed Spanish director since Luis Buneul”, and with this film he has soared … Continue reading VOLVER (2006)…A Few Thoughts

The Bicycle Thief as exemplar of Italian Neorealism

The Bicycle Thief (1949) USA Ladri di biciclette (1948) original Italian Release (May Contain Spoilers) Italian Neorealism refers to films produced in Italy after WWII from roughly 1945 through 1952. The screenwriter Cesare Zavattini is often credited as being the "father" of this film movement. He challenged Italian filmmakers to discard plot, work with untrained … Continue reading The Bicycle Thief as exemplar of Italian Neorealism

Blood Diamond (2006)

BLOOD DIAMOND (2006) TIA: THIS IS AFRICA It’s 1990, and we are dropped into the strife of civil war and anarchy in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Many of the events depicted in the film were historically accurate. The RUF (Revolutionary United Front) were a rebel group who fought viciously and brutally against the ill-prepared government … Continue reading Blood Diamond (2006)

Dream Girls and the difficulties of self parody

Dream Girls has a moderately serious narrative theme that has to do with the difference between artistic talent and "packaging" of talent for commercial success. In a traditional "fall from grace" storyline, a group of talented black singers is able to achieve fame only after allowing themselves to be "packaged". By two-thirds of the way … Continue reading Dream Girls and the difficulties of self parody