Great Caesar’s Ghost, the long-awaited event has come to pass. VOLVER has opened at the Grand Theater today. The feature times, as per their website are 2:10, 4:30, 6:55, and 9:20. So that gives us 19 days as TFC members to get out in small droves and see this wonderful film!!! See you all at the meeting on February 21; and some of you a week Saturday at WINE STYLES to watch THE STATION AGENT; and others when Roger K. sets up a screening at the CSL for FRANKIE STARLIGHT.



  1. I haven’t seen this yet, but I did overhear David talking about it. Maybe someone would like to go along with me this week?

  2. Bicycle Thief was wonderful if you like old BW foreign films. The acting, the scenery, the child was so compelling in his role. Thanks for suggesting that one.

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