The Rhineman Exchange (1976)


Man, whatever possessed you to want to see this early mini-series? Like RICH MAN, POOR MAN, it ran (5) nights, and was one of the first of that format. THE RHINEMAN EXCHANGE (1977) was directed by Burt Kennedy, as you have discovered. Stephen Collins has never been an electric or outstanding actor, although I did like him as the American ambassador in BLOOD DIAMOND. Your link lists Lauren Hutton, John Huston, Claude Akins, and Rene Auberjonois as co-stars. In addition there was Jose Ferrer as Rhineman, Vince Edwards, Larry Hagman, Roddy McDowall, Gene Evans, Jeremy Kemp, and even Werner Klemperer from HOGAN’S HEROES.

Like MONTANA MIKE, this is a “lost” film, or misplaced mini-series. I am not sure that it was ever released on VHS, and certainly not on DVD. I did not even own a Beta-Max, or a VCR in those days. I was still being an actor. I never watched this particular mini-series. It sounds kind of pedestrian, like the bland Richard Chamberlain version mini-series of THE BOURNE IDENTIITY, which made it to VHS. So if appears that there is no copies of this wonderful entertainment anywhere. It does not appear to be one of Robert Ludlum’s best sellers either. On the book sells for $0.01 at over 200 vendors, as a suck-in to be put on their emailing list. It was published in 1975, and the mini-series was made of it the next year it seems.

Do you actually recall watching this show? Or what is your connection to it?

RogerOtis Kuhrt <> wrote:

Glenn do you have this? Or does it even exist? go to;

Cheerfully, Rog

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2 thoughts on “The Rhineman Exchange (1976)

  1. Roger:
    Old Sport, you will never believe this, but one of my student veterans here at the office is a film buff, and he seems to think that he has a VHS copy of THE RHINEMAN EXCHANGE. He is a Stephen Collins fan and picked it up from a gal who had taped it in 1976. I am negotiating with him to either get the tape on loan, so that you could make a copy of it, or have him make me a copy for you. I was blown away by the cooincidence and synchronicity of it all.

  2. Well, sir: You have moved onto your need to make a copy of FITZCARRALDO, but I am still trying to hustle you up a copy of THE RHINEMAN EXCHANGE. The student tried to make a copy this weekend, but his VCR is set for SP so he was trying to make (3) two hour tapes. Part I stopped after 53 minutes, Parts II & III are intact. It could be a real challenge for him. I will try and talk him into loaning me the original tape, or tapes, and have you make your own copies. That might reap better results.

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