A New Volunteer at the Grand

My son has volunteered at the Grand. His first day will be this Saturday (Feb 24th). He is really excited about it. If you happen to be there to watch a movie, please look for him and say hello.


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3 Responses to A New Volunteer at the Grand

  1. taxilinga says:

    Oops. I’m new to the posting stuff. I didn’t realize that I needed to add my name. I thought it would happen automatically. It’s my son Michael that has volunteered.


  2. marlowe44 says:


    How grand to have Michael at the Grand. He will get to see many of the films free, and we will all be so envious. He will rub shoulders with the younger members and employees there, and possibly find out how their Film School classes work, or even participate in them. It is a joy to see a high scho0l student who wants to pursue his interests, and not just flip burgers for spare change.

  3. Ron Boothe says:

    You can edit your posts, after you have posted them, to make changes. I just went in and edited your original post to add your signature to it for you.

    Glad to hear that Michael is a volunteer. We will watch for him when we go to the grand.

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