TFC Partys Hearty with Oscar

Wow! From 4pm last night until 9pm, Wine Styles was humming with every kind of whoop and holler, as the members of TFC has their “own” Academy Awards party. The Academy gave us all some surprises, thank goodness, and the fellowship was deep and meaningful. Managers Tim & Mary provided special treats for us, and Tim ran off Oscar ballots for each table. Roger ran a raffle during five commercial breaks, and his prizes were both creative and fun. We filled the joint up with family and friends and perhaps have started a TFC tradition that will rival our incredible Summer Picnic, or the Fourth of July at the Boothes. What the film club is morphing into is a group who likes and respects each other, drawn from all walks of life, and who knows how to have fun. Wasn’t it great that AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH did so well, and Al Gore was such a kick in the pants? To have Melissa Etheridge’s song win over the three blockbusters from DREAM GIRLS was another zinger. To have the wonderful Alan Arkin snatch Best Supporting Actor from Eddie Murphy another jaw dropper. To give Martin Scorsese his long awaited kudos, and to even let THE DEPARTED spirit Best Picture away from front runner BABEL really livened things up. Helen Mirren, Jennifer Hudson, and Forest Whitaker were all kind of shoo-ins. Some of us old time sentimentalists would have liked to see 8 time nominee Peter O’Toole win Best Actor, but in truth VENUS was lightweight fare relative to THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND. In my heart I hoped that Penelope Cruz might sneak in there too, but Jennifer was a show stopper; no doubt. Ellen Degeneres was a totally delight as host(ess). She made the whole affair even more fun. Her banter with Scorsese and Clint Eastwood was to die for. And how great was it to have Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, and George Lucas on stage to hand Marty Scorsese his first golden boy? The naked tumbling shadow dancers who made human shadow icons were great. The choir of special effects noises was very cute. The montage to all the 50 Best Foreign Films was breath-taking as so very many of the films the TFC has viewed and discussed flashed in front of us, with Ron’s BICYCLE THIEVES right up there in front. Michael Mann’s montage to American Film was different. Jack Nicholson with shaved pate was a bizarre sight. I wonder what role he is in the middle of? Jodie Foster, not seen enough these days, looked wonderful. Ditto for Gwyneth Paltrow. Jennifer Lopez, for a change, looked frumpy. Penelope Cruz looked regal, and speaking of regal, didn’t Helen Mirren look fantastic, a real testament to middle-aged women everywhere!!?

2007 has opened with the roar of the MGM lion, and the TFC is keeping pace. Who knows what fun lurks in the hearts of men? Hooray for Hollywood, and three cheers for all of us who showed up to raise our glasses, and open our hearts to the industry that gives us so much joy.



5 thoughts on “TFC Partys Hearty with Oscar

  1. I suppose the title should read: TFC Parties Hearty with Oscar, but that looks weired too. Well, you all know what I meant; lol.

  2. Christ: Some people kept me up way too late last night. My brain is mush. Would that be “wierd” and not “weired”. Would that be Parties Hardy rather than Paritys Heartey, or maybe I was just having fun with words.

  3. Actually now that 24 hours have elapsed, I can say that I, too, find fault with the Academy’s picks. Of course I don’t know what I would do if my master pick list turned out some year to be 100% accurate. I might have a coronary or something. But let’s face it, Djomon Hounsou is long overdue on some recognition for his talent. Even though sentimentality does play a big part on the Academy’s choices. Remember who the Academy actually is. The members are the artisans and artists of the industry. Yes, there are some old fogies in there that will have to die in the line of duty before fresh blood can be recruited, but there are many diverse opinions that come in and have to be dispersed and counted. In some ways I prefer the SAG Award show, because that is 100% totally actors voting on actors. I guess in the case of Penelope Cruz, her nomination showed the world that she has come a long ways; even if she did not get the little nude golden boy with a sword covering his genitals. I hear so many people bad mouthing the Academy Awards show. Hey, why is it the most most “watched” event on television then? Billions of people all over the globe are glued to their tubes, jonesing for that cleavage and jewelry, film clips, and star watching. I think there are entirely too many award shows these days. I have lost track of how many. I value the Golden Globes, the SAG awards, and the Oscars. The rest of them are so much fluff.

    I started watching the Oscars when I was like 9 years old, back in 1953, on our old 12″ round tube living room television; a huge blond case with a nylon netting on the back where if you peeked you could see the TV tubes lighting up reds, yellows, and oranges. It was always broadcast in black and white until sometime in the 60’s. Where ever I am, and no matter what is happening in my life, I watch the Academy Awards. Somehow there is nothing like it; watching the clean cut Marlon Brando win one for ONE THE WATERFRONT in 1955, grateful for the honor, and then contrasting that to his 1973 win for THE GODFATHER, where he sent out Sacheen Littlefeather to accept it for him, and make some kind of political statement about Native American rights, and David Niven being a presenter when that naked streaker flashed by behind him, and he turned to the camera and said,” Isn’t it amazing how some people are so proud of their shortcomings.”; all those incredible montages that Billy Crystal put together where he spoofed the best pictures that year; Bob Hope as emcee, or those great ones that Johnny Carson did; that unforgettable year that Robin Williams was the host; how boring the several years Whoopi Goldberg was hostess; the embaresment the whole world felt for Chevy Chase and David Letterman, who both laid an egg in front of billions; how excited I was in 1962, those last few months of high school, when I was voted ACTOR OF THE YEAR for my high school plays, and WEST SIDE STORY was picked for Best Picture; how excited most of us were to see AROND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS, in 1957, trying to remember all the great movie star cameos; how sad I was in 1953, when DeMille’s film THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH won Best Picture, because it had Jimmy Stewart in it as a “bad guy”, and at 9 years old I thought this new guy called Charlton Heston was just a swaggering posturing bully, and how much that changed by 1960 with BEN HUR. I did not get to see THE TEN COMMANDMENTS until it was re-re-released in the early 60’s; ditto for GONE WITH THE WIND; remember how shocking 1970 was when MIDNIGHT COWBOY won Best Picture, reminding us of that great story of Roy Rogers visiting NYC, and being bored, and attending the film because he thought it was a Western. He walked out after the first 20 minutes. He was angry for ten years about that. I was being an actor in 1975 when THE GODFATHER PART II won Best Picture, and in 1976 when ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST won it. I guess I could go on and on, but am running out of steam. The Academy Awards, hey if you love movies, what’s not to like ?

  4. I really enjoyed the Oscars this year too. Though, I guess I’m one of the people that complains about them each year. I don’t really enjoy watching them because there are no surprises, and the speeches are boring. I think I only watch now a days just in case I miss something. I enjoyed the company of the film club members and friends last Sunday than watching the Oscars.

  5. I really enjoyed the Oscars this year too. Though, I guess I’m one of the people that complains about them each year. I don’t really enjoy watching them because there are no surprises, and the speeches are boring. I think I only watch now a days just in case I miss something. I enjoyed the company of the film club members and friends last Sunday more than watching the Oscars.

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