The Glenn Show

Fellow Members:

Thank you all, those of you, who voted for me to represent you on the Executive Steering Committee. I love being more involved with the Club this year. For a long time I was just a boy who wanted to have fun. So I simply watched the films, wrote my comments, and came to the meetings, and special events. Then over a year ago, now, when the restructuring of the Club occured, I felt the calling to step forward and give of my time, and provide some assistance for the bare bones maintenance of this entity. So I got “busy” and helped to create the TFC new logo, the poster, the flyers, the post cards, and the business cards. We are going to hang a 12×17″ TFC small poster in the lower foyer of the Grand Theater, and one day soon, David and I, and/or Mohsen or Ron (whomever I can talk into it) will spend part of a Saturday canvasing downtown and hilltop and North Tacoma, to get our flyers up. David has further cemented our relationship with Wine Styles. Tim & Mary seem to like the Club, and have been very gracious and receptive. Roger has set up a Second Screening possibility at the CSL. I love, as well, helping to pick and choose the films we members will watch every month. Chiko is very patient with me, and Susan is a lively new member of the Producer’s Committee.

But as you peruse this blog, you will find my postings and comments are rather numerous. I love being able to communicate, and record my ideas, picks, and views. So far Roger, Ron, Myself, David, Anita, and Sue P all have authorship privledges. Any of you can do likewise by contacting Ron or Roger, and filling out a simple form on line at Word But please understand that any member who reads any posting, or any comment in response to that posting can put their comments in without the ability to place an original post.

Anyway, Roger and Ron understood my need for intense verbosity and long-windedness, so that is why they set aside a special section on the blog for my reviews, narratives, and postings. Hugs all around. See some of you soon.



One thought on “The Glenn Show

  1. And Glenn, so many of us are very pleased that you have emerged from your cocoon and become a butterfly before our very eyes. Or is that a dragonfly I see?

    Cheerfully, RK

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