OFF THE MAP @ Wine Styles

Ladies and gentleman, fellow members – the ides of Spring will soon be upon us and we have three short weeks to prepare for next TFC “Second Saturday Series” screening. We had a bang-up time viewing at our last “SSS”, THE BIRD PEOPLE IN
CHINA. As it turned out, that film was the “most discussed” feature at last week’s TFC meeting. It was a delight to watch it on the big screen, with Tim and Mary bustling about catering to our requests for wine and snacks. I personally feel permanently adopted by those folks, and I give them permission to use me as a deduction on this years income taxes. It is a prime example of reciprocity, where they open their business to us as if it were their home, and we in turn support them on that one night a month.


On Saturday, April 14, 2007, we will be screening OFF THE MAP (2003). It stars Joan Allen and Sam Elliott, both at the top of their game. It features Amy Brenneman as the narrator, the adult Bo, and the bright young actress Valentina de Angelis as the 11 year old Bo. Jim True-Frost and J.K. Simmons have great supporting roles. The tale of a very functional family in a very dysfunctional world, living in a hand-me-down house deep in a forgotten corner of rural New Mexico, filled with furniture and utensils picked up at the nearest county dump, is fraught with humor, absurdity, affection, alienation, and some tragedy; like many of our own lives. The plot plays out uniquely, like the dialogue in Sam Shepard Country –but much less ambiguous.


The director is Campbell Scott, the son of actors George C. Scott and Colleen Dewhurst. His career has mostly been in acting, but when he feels the project is worthwhile, he will take the helm; as he did with his own version of HAMLET (2000). Thanks mostly to his mother, he is an actor/director who does a lot of theatre work; a couple dozen plays over the years, some on and off Broadway. The writer is Joan Ackerman, who also wrote the play it is based on. She has been a actress, has written several other plays, and two episodes of the TV series ARLI$$.


So mark your calendars, and bring your precious selves to WINE STYLES on Saturday, April 14, 2007. OFF THE MAP will screen at 7pm. As per usual, arrive a bit early for best seating and to put in your unrushed order for your favorite wine or soft drink, with deli items if you choose. This is one of my favorite films, and I am looking forward to our club “taking over the joint” on that TFC sponsored night. For newcomers, please come and inaugurate yourself to the Wine Styles plush lounge chairs and vast wine list, and join in on the warm fellowship and sharing with we old timers who haven’t missed an evening there yet.


Glenn for David


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