BLOW UP @ Wine Styles in May

Hey fellow members –it is time to start making our plans for the May “Second Saturday Series” Tacoma Film Club screening at Wine Styles. Last month we had a grand time watching OFF THE MAP. Our discussion both directly after the screening and at the film club meeting later was spirited and joyous. Tim & … Continue reading BLOW UP @ Wine Styles in May


Films for May 2007

Roger has promulgated this information in the newsletter. I handed out copies of this list to the members who attended the TFC meeting the evening of April 18, 2007. For the benefit of you absentees: Here are the Producer’s picks for the month of May 2007.   THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (1962) Director John Frankenheimer @ … Continue reading Films for May 2007

The “True Nature” of The Crying Game

  The narrative plot of The Crying Game (1992) plays out in the context of Irish IRA terrorists fighting against the British in the 1970s. An IRA terrorist, Fergus (played by Stephen Rea), is assigned the duty of guarding a captured British soldier, Jody (played by Forest Whitaker). Fergus knows that he might soon be … Continue reading The “True Nature” of The Crying Game