Off the Map is now open for Discussion

Our April 2007 film selection, Off the Map, is now open for discussion. Members who would like to Post an Official Commentary here are welcome to do so (Contact Ron or Roger if you would like to have posting priveleges to this blogsite). Anyone, member or not, can place brief comments here by simply clicking on the comments button.


2 thoughts on “Off the Map is now open for Discussion

  1. I feel like the group’s curmudgeon over this film. I lived in New Mexico for eleven years back in this self-sufficient, back -to -the -land era. I graduated from Santa Fe’s Massage Therapy and Natural Healing School. It is the Land of Enchantment and I continue to love that area deeply. Perhaps this is why I felt more critical of this film. It was idealized to me.

    I did gain insights from our discussion. On my own, I did not understand where his depression came from. Now I do – I’m letting go of my son right now – so I can relate to the loss of the presence of love.
    I did enjoy seeing that wonderful light of New Mexico again and peering into a strong, creative lifestyle. So I do appreciate your selecting this film and appologize that I rained on your parade.

  2. I immediately felt drawn to this film, and enjoyed it immensily. So much so that for the first time in months I am struggling with a full blown review of it, which will appear on this blog site soon. Sharon, your insights were welcome, and dissent is the breath of life for the TFC. We are so pleased that you have joined us. It is always a difficult task to transition a play into a film, primarily because the two mediums are so very different at their core. But as a former actor, and a sometimes writer, I adore good dialogue and writing in a film. It is always a rush of fresh air, and welcome after hours of being saturated with CGI imagery and car chases and gunfights and martial arts and potty humor. So talky-films are just ducky for me, and tedious for some others. GLENGARY GLEN ROSS was a delight to me, and a butt-buster for others. I also liked CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON, having appeared in it on stage; although the film fell short of being very good. Plays are sometimes easier to morph into movies when they are comedic, like all those Neil Simon hits. A LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT, THE ICEMAN COMETH, TRUE WEST, AMERICAN BUFFALO, WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOLFF?, NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE –gosh, the list is endless. Some are inspired films, some not. BECKET, A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS, and A LION IN WINTER all became brilliant films. Some actor friends of mine, and a brilliant director pal, former teacher of mine just mounted a production of MACBETH in LA, and they moved the locale of the play to the Wild West, making it more like DEADWOOD. I wish I could get down there and catch it. Writer Ray Bradbury once rented the Hollywood Bowl and but on MOBY DICK as a space opera starring Christopher Lee as Ahab. The few people who saw it loved it.


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