DERSU UZALA @ Wine Styles

Fellow Members: 

It is nearly that time again, when we have our “Second Saturday Series” screening at Wine Styles. Remember that this month the film we will be viewing is DERSU UZALA (1975), directed by Akira Kurosawa. The film was two years in the making. Kurosawa took one of his favorite cinematographers, Asakazu Nakai, with him, and he worked with two Russian cinematographers as well. This film won the Oscar for “Best Foreign Film” and it won awards at film festivals in Moscow, Paris, and

This is a fascinating story of exploration, the wonders of nature versus the constrictions of civilization, and a strong bond of respect and friendship between an illiterate Goldi hunter and a Russian Army engineer. This was the film that inspired George Lucas before he created some of the characters in his STAR WARS saga. It has been compared in stature to James Fenimore Cooper’s LEATHERSTOCKING TALES. Dersu Uzala is a solitary figure, a member of a nearly extinct tribe, and very much like a Siberian Chingachgook. 

Vladimir Arseniev was a very famous actual Russian explorer. Dersu Uzala was a real person too, who accompanied the explorer on expeditions to the northeastern regions of
Siberia, the Amur-Ussuri. Arseniev recounted these tales in his book, DERSU THE TRAPPER. Kurosawa based his screenplay very much on that book.

The film will screen at the standard 7pm. It is shown in two parts, and it runs 141 minutes. Please arrive early for preferred seating. Tim and Mary would  like it, if as many of us as possible could pre-order the snacks and beverages. During this week they prefer us to call them at (253) 756-1922. They check their phone messages more often than their email orders. Anyone who actually drops into the store and prepays can “reserve” a seat. Most of the seating will still be on a first-come status. See you Saturday, June 9, 2007. 

Glenn for David.


One thought on “DERSU UZALA @ Wine Styles

  1. The evening was a success. Thanks to all that turned out. This is a powerful film, and it should spark a lot of discussion at the next TFC meeting on June 20th. Remember that David and Dick are working hard at making copies of COLD FEVER available for viewing. We do want as many members as possible have an opportunity to see this fine, but hard to find, film.


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