TFC Summer Picnic was Boffo Hit

Wow, many thanks to TFC President David Gilmour, and his wonderful wife Susan. Somehow the Gilmour luck and magic persisted, and the even the heavens obliged. When I arrived a little early for the picnic, it had just been raining buckets and I had several kinds of trepidation regarding the success of the event. I found the Gilmour deck and back yard transformed into party time. Ron B. and Mohsen M. had come over earlier and assisted David in stretching out 300 yards of sturdy rope all across over the deck, and over half of the back yard. One of Roger K.’s terrific 12′ screens hung proudly on the south side of the house. David and Susan begged, borrowed, and perhaps stole about 50 chairs, and several large tables had been put up. The wind howled, and the blue tarps flapped as the guests began to arrive. The food tables filled up with the most incredible kinds of salads, fruits, meats, and sweets. We may get wet, thought most, but we will certainly not be hungry. By 7:30pm more than 40 people had arrived, and we got down to the serious side of mastication and social intercourse. Spirited discussions cropped up everywhere about films, literature, and of course, politics. We all ate until we were full as a tick, and there was plenty of wine and soft drinks to wash it all down with. The gods understood the significance of the evening and the event, and not one raindrop appeared.

 David had selected an interesting 60 minute film called SNOW AND ASHES that played out with minimal narration by Laurence Fishburne. It was said that the film took 14 years to complete, filming in Thailand, Africa, and possibly India. Man and Nature, love, Zen imagery, incredible dance, movement, ballatic balance between birds and dancers, elephants and children, whales and swimmers, leopards, children and old men, all washed over with unconditional love and acceptance –shot in sepia tone, all done in slow motion so that we could enjoy every ripple of muscle and water and wind. One piece of the narration stuck in my head:

The whale does not sing

Because he has answers.

It sings because it has

A song.

Then we all huddled to warm up after the film. During the film the wind rippled the screen so much it added to the impact of the imagery, and toward the end there were noisy fireworks off the the south. Nice of David to set that up.  We drank more wine, and talked into the wee hours. I looked around at 11pm, and realized most of the gang had gone home. So I made my exit stage left, and as I drove home, the sky was mostly clear with a full harvest moon brightly hanging in the sky. Another grand TFC affair had come to a conclusion, but the memories lingered.

 Glenn Buttkus


One thought on “TFC Summer Picnic was Boffo Hit

  1. David was talking to me, and wondering if some members would like to have a screening of SNOW AND ASHES, or was it ASHES AND SNOW? It certainly was a beautiful experience and a unique film. When the Gilmours return, at least David, from Idaho, perhaps we can make some arrangements. As long as we are at it, perhaps we can work through Roger and get the CSL to host a screening of FATSO this month. Time is already marching by. Remember all, after Labor Day, which is already on the horizon, we have the “Second Saturday Series” @ Wine Styles for the screening of THE MACHINEST. I will put out the official notice for that screening next week.


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