Reflections On a Party Past

Hello to Tacoma Film Club members,

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for our club garden party on Saturday.  We certainly had a sumptuous buffet.  Everyone really brought wonderful food to share.  To everyone, except myself, I’d like to compliment you all for being co-coordinated enough to not fall off the deck after sunset.  This was my greatest fear so it was only fitting that I was the one to show my agility at “prat-falls”.  Kudos to Mosen for his engineering of the tarps and the ballistic gymnastics before the party, and to Ron B. for his speedy take-down methods of those same tarps.  Another round of applause to those who lent me tables and chairs and nuts and bolts.  The weather almost did us in before the party started and so it was great that we didn’t have any more rain during the movie.

A few items still need to be claimed and picked up:

1 green card table and 4 chairs

1 serving metal serving spoon with white handle, 12″ long

1 metal bucket left at Ron Booth’s 4th of July party

1 “plastic” bowl

1 soup spoon, 6 1/2″ long — lost 

I can bring the small stuff to the TFC Wednesday night meeting in September.  

See you in September,

Susan G.    


One thought on “Reflections On a Party Past

  1. Our combined thanks go to you, Susan, and to the harried husband, Sir David. You created a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, you laughed into the teeth of the gods, daring them to “ruin” this TFC annual tradition and fare. And what amazed me was how quickly you made all the arrangements, and spruced up your back yard. When we all bring some dishes it really is a communal and wonderful fellowship. Susan, you may journey to Idaho with a warm heart, knowing that your guests had the time of their lives. Hope things go well at the cabin, and then have a wonderful time with your daughter and new grandson. My oldest daughter, Chrystal, is expecting our 2nd grandson in December. Melva will fly out to Baltimore to be with her over Christmas, and I will be the old bachelor again.


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