FATSO @ Origin 23

In the attempt to provide screenings for as many TFC picks as possible, Mohsen M. has set up one for us at what used to be FIREHOUSE COFFEE SHOP, now called ORIGIN 23.

There will be a Special Public Showing of the film “Fatso” on Friday,
September 14, 2007 at 7:00 pm at

Origin 23 Degree Coffee
(formerly named Firehouse Coffee)
Corner of 6th Avenue and S. Union
(directly across the street from Blockbuster video)
Tacoma, Washington
phone: (253)756-8551
(Plan to arrive no later than 6:45 pm in order to have time to order
drinks and dessert before showing begins)


Ron and Glenn and Mohsen and Roger


2 thoughts on “FATSO @ Origin 23

  1. Gosh, I missed out on the premiere screening at FIREHOUSE last month for GO TELL THE SPARTANS, even though I did provide the DVD for it. It sounds like a neat place to watch a movie, slurp coffee, lattes, and hot chocolate, and scarf down sweet rolls and cookies. Let’s get a good turn out gang, and let the management know we appreciate the use of their space for our club.


  2. I must say the gelatos at Origin 23 are delicious, and wasn’t it grand that the store put out the reader board, and a nice flyer to promote the screening. And what a nice turnout, like about 20+ folks, mostly TFC members and friends.

    But gosh, those seats were hard, and many found the sound to be hard to hear over the clatter from the store, and the other customers. Still, what was imperative was that more of the club members got to view the film, and can now get ready to discuss it this Wednesday. Thanks again Mohsen.


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