TFC Fellowship

You know, it is probably just me being sentimental, but last night’s meeting (9/19/07) was just wonderful. I always have some enjoyment when we gather, for our discussion night, or at one of our screenings, or other get-togethers –but last night there seemed to be a joyous vibe that permeated the place.

 Perhaps it was because we were discussing FATSO and DEATH AT A FUNERAL, and just the retelling of their hilarious scenes brought smiles and giggles to all. But yet in the midst of that we discussed THE MACHINIST, which certainly was not a comedy –and somehow we were able to think of that peculiar and frightening film as an experience that morphed into humane closure; that far from being hideous –one could leave that movie feeling good about guilt, about the truly human condition of our endeavor to understand the power of “right”; that regardless of our spin on the things we do, some important part of us knows the difference, and given half a chance that “part” will come to the surface and  confront us and make its point. The tricky part is to listen, and not reject the truth; another life long labor for each of us.

We are individuals, some of us more than others of course –but last night we were a family, something beyond just a bunch of movie buffs gathering in the back of a book store. I am still smiling this morning. Thanks to one and all.



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