KING OF HEARTS @ Wine Styles

Members and Friends:

Time swirls by with a vengeance. It is already time for our “Second Saturday Series” at Wine Styles for this coming Saturday, October 13, 2007. We had a modest turn out to see THE MACHINIST there last month on September 8th. Let’s try to get up that old TFC spirit and create a good showing of members for a wonderful film picked by Susan Gilmour.

KING OF HEARTS (1967) Director Phillippe de Broca  @ 102 minutes.

Starring Alan Bates, Genevieve Bujold, Jackie Blanchot, Jacques Balutin, and Pierre Brasseur. This is a whimsical comedic anti-war allegory in which we follow the adventures of an impressionable Scottish soldier during WWI –who had been sent to a French village on a suicide mission. The entire population he encountered was escapees from a nearby abandoned insane asylum. In no time at all he found himself crowned as their new “king”. We are left with many insights and several questions regarding times of war –a primary one being who are the actual mad men?


Per our many other screenings at Wine Styles, 2665 N. Pearl Street, (253) 756-1922, please arrive by 6:30pm for socializing and the ordering of beverages and snacks. The film will screen at 7pm.


Glenn For David

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  1. Dear all,
    Winestyles went well last Saturday, the film delighting many and dissapointing some, as one would expect of a large group with variously acquired tastes and values. Of course WineStyles made their bukks and most went home intelligently heady with drink or with film fare. We are able to attract new members through that venue, whereas other places have failed to attract even our own members to our communal showings.


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