Screening Corrections and Kudos

Members All:

Well, we did it! We got through our screening of AMERICAN BEAUTY (1999) @ CSL. Oh yes, and thanks to Chiko for correcting me –CSL stands for the Center for Spiritual Living of Tacoma, not spiritual “learning” as I mistakenly alledged. Warm hugs and thanks to the (15) TFC members who showed up for the screening last night, Friday, 11/09/07.

Ron and Roger were back east at their conference, but their wives showed up, and that was great. We started off with some regret because Burt was in absentia, and thus no soup was in the kitchen awaiting us. Lonnie had to attend to her aftermath of her daughter’s wedding, and as I understand it, it is Burt & Lonnie who whip up the soup. Another CSL staffer, Lindsay was asked to project the film for us. Those of you who attended know that the equipment malfunctioned, and the film was shown in black and white, which was an unexpected treat. Actually it did give a kind of different dimension to the experience, like watching DAVID AND LISA, or THE LAST PICTURE SHOW.  In addition, the fabulous new sound system only worked on one speaker, so the sound for the film was not up to par either. But hey, we are cinema troupers, and we enjoyed the experience regardless. Afterward I stayed and picked up some, and Linsey talked with Reverend Frances. She said that the equipment had “acted up” in this manner once before, and that when Burt returns he will “fix it.” That was good news.

This brings me to my notice that our second DVD pick for November, THE CHUMSCRUBBER (2005) will screen next Friday @ Origin 23 Coffee House. That will NOT happen. The film, like AMERICAN BEAUTY is “R” rated, and that would not be the best place to show it, as the public with their children frequent the establishment. Perhaps some lighter film fare can be scheduled. Mohsen is working on that. Lindsay asked Frances if the TFC could have another Friday night screening, next Friday actually, 11/16/07, to show THE CHUMSCRUBBER. Chiko is checking into this as well. As soon as we can get some consent for this screening, I will put in another announcement, and have Roger do the same for the newsletter. It will be great to have two screenings the same month in a warm and friendly environment. Perhaps this time we will actually see the DVD in color.



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