chumscrubberFellow Members:


What a whirlwind of confusion regarding the screening of THE CHUMSCRUBBER (2005). We have canceled the screening at the Coffee House because the film was not suitable for that venue. We are truly fortunate that Reverend Frances will allow us our second screening this month at the Center for Spiritual Living.  We will screen THE CHUMSCRUBBER at 7pm this Friday, 11/16/2007. For those of you who attended our CSL screening of AMERICAN BEAUTY last Friday, and got to enjoy it in black and white, we are assured that the technical difficulties have been ironed out, and all of our future films will be seen in color.


THE CHUMSCRUBBER (2005) is a fascinating dramatic comedy from a first time feature director, Ari Posin. As mentioned previously this is an absolutely perfect companion piece, almost a book end, to our other feature AMERICAN BEAUTY (1999), which was the debut feature film for director Sam Mendes. Steven Spielberg and his DREAMWORKS production company were solidly behind AMERICAN BEAUTY. He had read CHUMSCRUBBER and he felt that the Indie script contained much of the same balance of drama and humor in Suburbia.


The film stars Jamie Bell (BILLY ELLIOT), and Camilla Belle (THE BALLAD OF JACK & ROSE). The supporting cast includes heavyweights Glenn Close, Ralph Fiennes, Allison Janey, Carrie-Ann Moss, John Heard, Rita Wilson, and William Fichtner.


The Center for Spiritual Living is located off Division Street at 206 N. J Street, kitty-corner from Group Health Specialty Center. If things go well there will be a nice steaming hot cauldron of soup awaiting the early comers. Arrive by 6:30pm for socializing. We will be able to enjoy our wine and snacks in the basement kitchen, but it has been requested that we do not drink or eat in the sanctuary during the screening. Hope to see many of you there.


Glenn for David


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