TFC January Screenings @ CSL

Fellow Members:   Here we are waist-deep in the wondrous holiday of 2007, with 2008 crouched right in front of us; New Year’s Eve here soon –and then it will be back to business for the Tacoma Film Club, back to the special and enjoyable business of viewing and discussing films. We have been very … Continue reading TFC January Screenings @ CSL


Memento: “Goofs” and “Clues”

Peter and I had coffee a couple days ago and spent over an hour talking about Memento. Wow. First time I have been able to talk about the minutia of Memento with a fellow aficionado of the film, someone who (unlike my wife and several others, including perhaps Glenn?) does not think my obsession with … Continue reading Memento: “Goofs” and “Clues”

Marquis de Cockadoodle-doo

Quills (Dir. Philip Kaufman, 2000) “Facts and Fabulous Fallacies: Another (Per)Version of Sadeian Myth.” By David Gilmour. Some critics might rail against Philip Kauffman’s film Quills because it skirts the historical truth.[1] Fair enough. Important criticism of historical films can jog one’s thoughts to take a deeper look at what happened in history. Films of … Continue reading Marquis de Cockadoodle-doo

No Country for Old Men

  No Country for Old Men (2007), directed by the Cohen Brothers, provides a fascinating exploration of some serious issues regarding ethics and moral systems. The film is based on a novel of the same name by Cormack McCarthy. I watched this movie twice. On the first viewing I did not like it much. I … Continue reading No Country for Old Men