“And a Good Time was Had by All”

Just wanted to express how much I enjoyed the Holiday Party at CSL Friday evening. The fellowship was warm, the food was delicious, the film (Joyeux Noel) was touching. I left with a really good feeling about our film club, and I am looking forward to 2008 for another year of great film watching, stimulating film discussion, and warm fellowship.

I would like to thank all of those who made the party a success: Glenn who got the venue, the film, and (as always) kept us organized;  The pastor and members of CSL who graciously let us share their facility for the evening; Susan and Marilyn who helped setup and decorate the tables; Chiko who brought sample T-shirts for us to look at, organized the food layout, and the cleanup; Roger who “passed the hat” to help us defray some of the expenses for the event, AND all of those who did lots of stuff behind the scenes that I do not even know about. What a successful way to end the year!


One thought on ““And a Good Time was Had by All”

  1. Ron…if his posting was yours. I have to assume it was regardless of no name on the tag.

    I could not agree more. It was one of the warmest and spirited Christmas parties that I have ever attended. It was great to have long distance members Ron & Jennifer there, as well as Mark Jenson, several folks from his group, and the Book Club from the other side of the bridge, the oft missed Jim Robbins, Peter and his lady fresh back, and jet lagged from Australia. Sorry to have missed John K., Mohsen and Stefanie, and of course David and Susan. I talked with David this morning, and he was still sad that he missed the event. This party and our Summer party are two very high points for the club.

    What a film JOYEUX NOEL was, enjoyed by all it seemed. Thanks Ron for bringing it David’s attention last year, and thanks David for chosing it as the holiday film. Ron I hope you list the film for discussion. I plan on writing up something soon.

    It was a joy for many of us who did not know Reverend Frances very well that she attended both the party and the film afterwards. My many thanks are also extended to Bert and Lindsey for their wonderful support and assistance.

    2008 is definitely on the horizon, and for some it will be year 5 for the club. Let us hope that we all continue to tolerate, and cherish each other’s perspective when it comes to responses after viewing any of the movies we pick, or just discuss, like BABEL, MEMENTO, and now NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. I adore the wide spectrum of responses that we see come to the surface at our meetings; everything from the film was a triple zero to it was five stars–ain’t movies grand?

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