1008nz2Fellow Members:


Here we are waist-deep in the wondrous holiday of 2007, with 2008 crouched right in front of us; New Year’s Eve here soon –and then it will be back to business for the Tacoma Film Club, back to the special and enjoyable business of viewing and discussing films. We have been very fortunate to have built a relationship with the Center for Spiritual Living. They have graciously allowed us to use their facility for two screenings a month; the first two Fridays of each month. Their address is 206 N. J Street in Tacoma, just across the street from Group Health Specialty Center there on Division. The phone number is (253) 383-3151.


The first screening of the New Year will be Friday, January 4, 2008 @ CSL. We will show MEMENTO (2000).  This intriguing film was directed by Christopher Nolan, and it runs 113 minutes. It stars Guy Pierce, Carrie-Ann Moss, Joe Pantoliano, and Jorja Fox. We find one Leonard Shelby, who seems to be suffering from a drastic memory issue, having no ability to remember short term events after he was assaulted while his wife was raped and murdered. He sets out to find the killer himself, regardless of his mental difficulties. We are treated to something part film noir, part thriller, part mystery, and all psychological drama. Its use of flashbacks and flash forwards drops the viewer into a maelstrom of several mysteries, multi-layered and motley, murderous and moving at the speed of a bullet. It probably needs several viewings to even begin to unravel its hidden and mantled plot strands. Reality has never been so elusive.


The film will screen at 7:00pm, with social hour, and hopefully some exotic soup ala Bert, at 6:00pm. Gather downstairs first if you want, and then troop upstairs for the movie. The new projection system, complex sound equipment, and new screen make the watching nothing short of wonderful.


Our second screening will be Friday, January 11, 2008 @ CSL, and it will be something special. We are going to attempt an old fashioned “double bill” screening, like those halcyon days in the old movie houses of our past. First off, showing at 6:30pm, will be LADY IN THE LAKE (1947), written by Raymond Chandler, and directed by Robert Montgomery. The film runs 105 minutes. It stars Robert Montgomery as Phillip Marlowe, with Audrey Totter, Lloyd Nolan, Tom Tully, Leon Ames, and Jayne Meadows. Over the Christmas holidays, Marlowe is hired to find a missing publisher’s wife, who has supposedly run off to Mexico; but as the body count rises the plot becomes very complicated. This film is famous for its POV; point of view. The camera lens becomes Marlowe. We only see him in mirrors and glass windows of store fronts. This technique was never used full length before or since.


We hope the film will be completed by 8:15pm. We will have a 15 minute intermission, and then we will screen the second feature, THE THIEF (1952), written and directed by Russell Rouse, at 8:30pm.  It runs a short 85 minutes, and it stars Ray Milland, Martin Gabel, and Rita Gam. This is a classic film noir shot in glorious B&W. A prize-winning nuclear physicist is working in Washington, D.C., and he also is spying for some unnamed foreign country. This is a film that possesses full synchronized sound, and yet it was shot without a single word or line of dialogue. So in a way it is a silent movie with sound.


This is an audacious and brave thing we do. I hope you old timers and youngsters will save up your energy, and join us for a blast from the past. Social hour will have to start a bit sooner as well, like at 5:30pm.


Glenn for David


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