TFC Film Picks for Jan.17-Feb.20, 2008

For those members who may not have received the handout at the 1/16/08 meeting, or have not received Roger's Newsletter, here are our present TFC film picks:  Producer’s Film Picks for January 17-February 20, 2008 DVD & VHS Selections Pulled from the Member Envelope, the first movie was picked by Peter Farnum. DOUBLE LIFE OF … Continue reading TFC Film Picks for Jan.17-Feb.20, 2008


Veronique @ CSL

Alright fellow cinemaphiles, after three weeks of rest, after our TFC meeting Wednesday (1/16/08), we are now into the next phase, January 17-February 20th, 2008. Many of you have already managed to get to a screening of THERE WILL BE BLOOD at the Grand; and what an epic that is. I'm sure it will stimulate … Continue reading Veronique @ CSL

Voiceless in Manhattan

THE THIEF (1952) VOICELESS IN MANHATTAN  Director Russell Rouse was best known in Hollywood as a terrific screen writer in the late 1940’s and into the 50’s-60’s. He wrote screenplays for 18 films. He won an Oscar for his script for PILLOW TALK (1959).  He had written D.O.A. (1950), another interesting shift in thriller perspective. [He … Continue reading Voiceless in Manhattan

Marlowe Misaligned

LADY IN THE LAKE (1947) MARLOWE MISALIGNED Detective and crime novelist Raymond Chandler, it was said, was not terribly thrilled with this film adaptation of his 1944 novel. His character, Philip Marlowe, an ex-cop turned detective turning budding novelist, was somewhat autobiographical, and he felt strongly that the “gimmicky” way the film was handled “did … Continue reading Marlowe Misaligned

MEMENTO (2000): Colossal Conundrum

MEMENTO  (2000) Cinema of the Reverse  COLOSSAL CONUNDRUM   Director Christopher Nolan was unknown in 1996 as he took a cross-country trip with his brother, Jonathan; who pitched a storyline to him. Christopher loved it and they began to collaborate on the project. Christopher finished his screenplay for a future film before Jonathan finished his short … Continue reading MEMENTO (2000): Colossal Conundrum


"I’m from San Francisco. If you don’t believe me check my driver’s license and car registration. They’re on file with the DMV.My real name is John Edward Gammel; when I go undercover I use the name of Teddy. I’m a Detective with the narcotics division of the San Francisco Police. A few years ago I … Continue reading MY NAME’S TEDDY; I’M A COP.