Veronique @ CSL

Alright fellow cinemaphiles, after three weeks of rest, after our TFC meeting Wednesday (1/16/08), we are now into the next phase, January 17-February 20th, 2008. Many of you have already managed to get to a screening of THERE WILL BE BLOOD at the Grand; and what an epic that is. I’m sure it will stimulate some discussion.

Speaking of “stimulating discussion”, member Peter Farnum’s film pick, LA DOUBLE VIE DE VERONIQUE (1991) will have its TFC screening at the Center for Spiritual Living, 206 N. J Street, this Friday, February 1, 2008. We can hope that Burt will be there, and so will some soup. So socialization hour will commence at 6pm, and the film will screen at 7pm. The movie runs 98 minutes, so it should be over at 8:40pm –however the Criterion Collection DVD I will share has the “American Ending” on it, so please stick around for five extra minutes while we watch that too.

Krysztof Kieslowski, when he edited the film, actually had several versions of it. His original plan, which did not come to fruition, was to have a different ending on 17 different prints all opening at 17 theaters in Paris. THE DOUBLE LIFE OF VERONIQUE is a very unique film, and it set the bar for other metaphysical films like SLIDING DOORS (1998), which is our second pick this month, and that will screen @ CSL the following Friday, 2/8/08.

As I mentioned at the last TFC meeting, our CSL screenings are starting to become “events”, and if members show up early enough, there is plenty of time for visiting and fellowship; and possibly soup as well. Those members who can, or would like, can bring bread, or other goodies. Our last screening there on January 11, 2008, where we watched a film noir double bill, was very lively, warm, and rowdy. Perhaps there will be many more nights like that to come!



2 thoughts on “Veronique @ CSL

  1. Wow, congratulations to the 34+ folks who showed up for this screening and social event. As I had hoped, the socialization, the fellowship has become vital and important to these evenings. 2008 is shaping up as the “Best TFC Year Yet”. What a joy to be involved with a group of people who love films, and regardless of the dissent relative to opinions about cinema, still like each other, and enjoy hanging out together.

    The preparation done by Peter F. for the intro of the film was wonderful. To have dug up a T.S.Eliot poem that had resonance and relevance to the film, and then to have Roger K. recite and read it with “professional verve” and passion was a treat we will not soon forget. Being a ham at heart, it makes me want to do some “readings” for the group, flexing my long dormant actor muscles–but alas maybe that could be at the Summer Picnic, or the Christmas event. I have to restrain my own ego. God knows I shoot my mouth off enough, and I write reams of narrative that I foist off on you guys, so forcing you to sit and be entertained with a recitation by me goes beyond reason into a realm of its-all-about-me that none of us need to endure.

    But it shows to go you that our events are becoming lively, friendly, and interesting. I heard one member gush positive over the 2008 TFC membership cards, that are embossed and done very professionally by my son-in-law, Joel Kellner, who is a graphic designer; who is mostly responsible for the images we use on the TFC poster, flyers, t-shirts, business cards, etc. I shared this feedback with Joel this morning, and he was pleased.

    Once again I was blown away by the quality of the sound system at CSL. VERONIQUE never sounded better. Mohsen M. talked about searching for the soundtrack CD for his own perusal. THE DOUBLE LIFE OF VERONIQUE is a great movie, and a perplexing film. It should foster some lively discussion for our next TFC meeting at King’s Books.

    Many thanks to David and Susan and Roger who made phone calls and sent out emails to make certain the word was out there for this screening. When the Audience bounces over a dozen, then two, then three–I start getting excited. Revolutions have been started by less dedicated people. Thanks to all. See many of you for the screening next Friday @ CSL for SLIDING DOORS.


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