New category added to blogsite

In response to requests from several of our members, we have added a new category to the blogsite, AAAA_LETS_MEETUP_TO_SEE_A_MOVIE.

Here is an example of the intent of this new category. Suppose you were planning on going to see a film playing at the Grand Cinema this Saturday and wanted to see if anyone else wanted to meet up to see it with you. You would post a message, or a comment to this posting if you do not have posting privileges, stating something along the lines, “I will be going to the XXXpm showing of the film XXXX this Saturday at the Grand Cinema. Anyone interested in joining me can meet in the lobby before the showing. If there is interest, we can also plan on going out for a bite to eat afterwards, etc, etc.”

Be aware that anyone in the world who has internet access can read your message so use judgement about what personal information you post here. Personally, I would be cautious about posting telephone numbers on this public site. And I would probably not post something along the lines, “Lets meet up in an isolated dark alley after midnight this weekend. I will be the vulnerable person standing alone in the alley waiting for whoever shows up.”


6 thoughts on “New category added to blogsite

  1. A. the alley is accross from Wright Park between the large church and the parking lot. There is a spot that is virtually without light–I’ll meet you there and we can go see Sweeny. . .
    The Phantom

  2. It is now Tuesday, lunch time. Chiko just phoned me at my office regarding some Producer’s Committee stuff. She would like to get a group together to go to the Grand this very Saturday, to see PERSEPOLIS. I have other obligations, so hopefully some of you stalward members out there have not seen the film yet. Sorry, Mohson to have missed your discussion group–a virus and another social obligation left me no time to join you.


  3. Oh heck, just checked the Grand website. This Saturday, March 1, 2008, they will have added two new films to their roster, JIMMY CARTER:MAN FROM PLAINS, and THE SAVAGES. So PERSEPOLIS is “only” showing at 12:10pm and 6pm. This does not bode well for PERSEPOLIS now only in its second week. It must be doing a poor box office. SO get down there TFC members, and don’t miss out! During next week PERSEPOLIS will show on 3:50pm and 6pm only.


  4. Thanks for meeting us tonight Glenn. It was good to see you. I’m looking forward to the discussion of this film (PERSEPOLIS).


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