poster420snow20cake1   Fellow Cinemaphiles: 

It is already time for our TFC second screening for March, this Friday, 03/11/2008. Per usual for us now, the film will be shown at the Center for Spiritual Living, at 206 North “J” street in Tacoma.  

SNOWCAKE (2006) Directed by Marc Evans @ 112 minutes.The film stars Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Emily Hampshire. Tagline: “sometimes stopping is the most important part of the journey.” An ex-convict on a road trip to Winnipeg picked up a female hitchhiker. There was a car accident and the girl was killed. Traumatized, he contacted the girl’s mother—who turned out to be a highly-functioning autistic woman. In the days that followed he learned to deal with his grief and had a sterling lesson in life.  

Marc Evans, the director, is a Brit and good friends with Michael Winterbottom, the director of last weeks pick, IN THIS WORLD. For those who read the credits, Winterbottom is one the film’s producers.  Evans works a lot in England, directing on British television. He traveled to Ontario, Canada to direct SNOW CAKE. Being shot in Canada in winter, it is reminiscent of Atom Egoyan’s THE SWEET HEREAFTER (1997), and Sarah Polley’s AWAY FROM HER (2006). SNOW CAKE is a UK-Canadian co-production, “about lonely people in a cold climate”, about small town idiosyncrasies and politics, about acceptance, about disabilities, and about love—which can rear its smiling face in the darndest places at the weirdest times.   

 For those members who like socialization, CSL will be open at 6pm, and the soup will be hot and inviting. Those who wish can bring wines, bread, rolls, soft drinks, and desserts to share. The film will screen promptly at 7pm. After the film, feel free to linger and enjoy extended fellowship, or discuss the film.  



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