The Tacoma Film Club CSL Screenings

Fellow Members:

Now that we are settling into the wonderful comfort of being able to utilize the Center For Spiritual Living for our screenings, the first two Fridays of each month, the events (and they are events) are beginning to lack structure. This is not a real problem, but perhaps we can tighten up some of the loose edges a bit.

First of all let’s deal with the Screening Time. That would be 7pm. That is what is announced and planned, and we need to stick with it. David and Roger both have some fine “shorts”, most of them under 10 minutes, that we might start off the screenings with. I will make my announcement and countdown in the kitchen midst the splendor of soup and socialization, and will more promptly head upstairs and start things on time. I have wanted “most” of us to be upstairs before staring the film, but too often it becomes 7:15 to 7:20 before the lights go off and the movie is projected. So if you choose to arrive “late-ish”, then there will be less time for fellowship, and you will need to scoot upstairs sooner.

One new development needs to be shared. Roger now has keys to the kingdom and he has announced that directly after the movie screening is over, no one has to rush for the door. Each of us, or some of us, may tarry and discuss the movie, or visit some more before we make out exit. Some folks need to ruminate after seeing a film, and will not be prepared to discuss it much, but some others are ready to jump in. Feel free to hang around for as long as you like. Often many meet at a restaurant or bar post-screening to continue the socialization.

Roger feels confident that our “relationship” with Reverend Frances and with CSL is very positive, and that we will be allowed to continue with our two screenings right through summer and fall. I personally am overjoyed that we of the TFC have found a place so warm and receptive to have our screenings; offering an opportunity for each and every member ( the place holds over 100 comfortably) to see our DVD picks on the big screen, in full stereophonic sound.

See you all at the movies!



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