sswfsposter1Fellow Film Club Members:


This Friday, June 13, 2008, we have our third screening for TFC this month. This film, SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER, AND SPRING (2004),  written by Korean director, Ki-Duk Kim, is a beautiful Buddhist fable, and you will enjoy the stunning cinematography of Dong-Hylon Buek. Each of us, in our own way, searches for meaning in life, and the Buddhists approach enlightenment by the extinction of the self. So most of the characters in this Zen allegory are nameless, and in one case a character is faceless. This corresponds to the Buddhist principle that we need not to be individuals if we are truly a part of the whole. Part reality and part fantasy, this very adult fairy tale packs an emotional punch.


SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER AND SPRING, aka BOM YEOREUM GAEUL GYEOUL, GYERIGO BOM (2003), Written and directed by Ki-Duk Kim @ 103 minutes—in Korean with subtitles. The film stars Ki-Duk Kim, Yeong-Su Oh, Young-Min Kim, and Yeo-Jin Ha. A Buddhist master, who lives on a floating temple in the middle of a beautiful lake, chose to raise a young boy and teach him the ways of Zen; but the young man grew up with wanderlust. Leaving, he found that life in the real world was harsh beyond his capacity to cope. Returning, years later, he had to search for his redemption. Tagline: T.S. Eliot wrote in FOUR QUARTETS, “…and the aim of all our wandering is to arrive again at the place from which we started—and know it for the first time.”


So once again, join us at the Center for Spiritual Living at 206 North J Street in Tacoma . Roger and Farishta will create the soup, and often other entries. Those who want to socialize please show up between 6pm-7pm, and share in the fellowship and scrumptious fare, meet downstairs in the kitchen area. Those who wish to bring desserts, bread, or fruit feel free to do so. A short film will screen at 7pm sharp, with the feature film playing immediately thereafter. See you at the movies!




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