Mongol_QUAD_fullsize_v1.psbFor those of you who did not get a handout at the TFC monthly meeting last night, here are the Producer’s Committee film picks for next month.

Producer’s Committee Film Picks for July 2008


DVD choices:


SHALL WE DANCE, aka DANSU WO SHIMASHO KA? (1997) Directed by Masayuki Suo @ 136 minutes; in Japanese with sub-titles. The film stars Koji Yakusho, Tamiyo Kusakari, and Eriko Watanabe. This is a funny and very touching film about how we might augment our mundane lives with new interests; that ballroom dancing has the power to reinvigorate a person in a rut, and transform boredom to bliss. Tagline: “He’s an overworked accountant. She’s an accomplished dancer. Passion is about to find two unlikely partners.”



Written and Directed by Stephan Elliott @ 104 minutes. The film stars Terence Stamp, Guy Pearce, Hugo Weaving, and Bill Hunter. A transsexual and two flamboyant drag queens travel in an old bus across Australia ’s Outback, putting on a cheeky lip-synch cabaret show to Abba songs. This a road trip with attitude, and their adventures are fun, daring, over-the-top, and unforgettable. It caused a sensation at the Cannes Film Festival, and it won an Academy Award for “Best Costume Design”. Tagline: “This unique and refreshing film will change the way you think, the way you feel, and most importantly—the way you dress.”


The theatrical feature will open at THE GRAND in Tacoma on Friday, June 27, 2008.


MONGOL (2008) Written and Directed by Sergei Bodrov @ 126 minutes. The film stars Tadanoba Asano, Khulan Chuluun, and Honglei Sun. Masterfully mixing emotion and action, personal drama with nomadic conflict on a grand scale, played against a backdrop of magnificent terrain and landscape, this film is an exciting and stunning historical epic—presenting Genghis Khan as an inspiring, fearless, loving, and visionary leader; someone absent from the history books. Tagline: “Greatness comes to those who take it.”


Friday, July 4th, just around the corner will not be a CSL screening night. We will try and get set up for THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA; QUEEN OF THE DESERT to be screened on Saturday, July 5, 2008 at CSL. Then the next Friday, July 11, 2008, should be ideal to screen SHALL WE DANCE? See you at the movies!




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