shall-we-dance-bFellow Tacoma Film Club members:

This Friday we are back on track with our film screenings at the Center for Spiritual Living. We will present SHALL WE DANCE? (1996). This little gem of a movie caught the world by storm, part drama, part slapstick, and very Japanese. Ballroom dancing is regarded with great suspicion in a country where couples do not go out hand in hand, and don’t say “I love you.” The movie won dozens of International awards, including Best Film and 15 more at the Japanese Academy in 1997.  Roger Ebert wrote, “One of the most entertaining movies I have seen in a while.”  Koji Yakusho is wonderful as the bored accountant. He is a veteran of over 60 films, and we remember him in BAND OF BROTHERS (2001), MEMIORS OF A GIESHA (2005), and as the strange father in BABEL (2006). Tamiyo Kusakari, as Mai—the mysterious woman in the window that lures in our hero, is a professional ballet dancer, and this was her only film. This very popular and award-winning film was the inspiration for the American  remake, SHALL WE DANCE (2004), with Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, and Susan Sarandon.

SHALL WE DANCE, aka DANSU WO SHIMASHO KA? (1996) Directed by Masayuki Suo @ 136 minutes; in Japanese with sub-titles. The film stars Koji Yakusho, Tamiyo Kusakari, and Eriko Watanabe. This is a funny and very touching film about how we might augment our mundane lives with new interests; that ballroom dancing has the power to reinvigorate a person in a rut, and transform boredom to bliss. Tagline: “He’s an overworked accountant. She’s an accomplished dancer. Passion is about to find two unlikely partners.”

So join us at CSL, located conveniently at 206 North J. Street in Tacoma, for a terrific foreign comedy, this Friday, July 11, 2008. The Phantom Director and Farishta will make sure there is soup, or some entrée for gobbling while we gossip, discuss life and art, and enjoy fellowship. The phantom director is ready to serve by 6:15pm.  A short film will be shown promptly at 7pm, and SHALL WE DANCE? will screen immediately after. We had a very slim turnout last weekend. Here’s hoping this screening will have a bigger audience. See you at the movies!



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