picture49Fellow Cinema Buffs:


We have a real treat in store for us this Friday, September 12, 2008. TFC is screening MARTY (1955). It was directed by Delbert Mann, who won his only Oscar for this film. This was his film directing debut as well. Mann was one of the most respected of TV directors at the time, part of the “Golden Age of Television”, all those dramas done live in the 1950’s. MARTY was originally a television drama, directed by Mann in 1953. It starred Rod Steiger and Nancy Marchand. Esther Minciotti played the mother, and was the only original cast member to make it to the film version. Burt Lancaster and Ben Hecht were looking for a tax write-off for their production company, and they decided to make this film for a slim $343,000. Steiger did not want to do the film, so Lancaster recommended Ernest Borgnine, who had starred with him in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (1953). This film really gave Borgnine’s career a boost. A short film, only 91 minutes, it ranks as the shortest film ever to win the Best Picture Academy Award. It is also perhaps the only film where the publicity budget was higher than the production costs. It paved the way for other independent films to come.


MARTY (1955) Directed by Delbert Mann @ 91 minutes. Written by Paddy Chayefsky.

The film stars Ernest Borgnine, Betsy Blair, Esther Minciotti, and Jerry Paris.

Marty Piletti is a 34 year old butcher, from an Italian family, who lives with his widowed mother, is overweight, lonely, and resigned to the “single life”. But wonderfully, after meeting a shy, plain school teacher, he discovers that love was always possible, and like the brass ring—within his beefy grasp. This film is a classic, winner of four Academy Awards, and the Golden Palm at Cannes.


So join us at the Center for Spiritual Living, located conveniently at 206 North J Street in Tacoma, on Friday, 9/12/08. The phantom director will be bustling in the kitchen to prepare a meal to share. He begins serving after 6:15pm. So for those of you who wish, come early and enjoy the fabulous fellowship, and a terrific meal. Any of you who wish can bring libations or refreshments to augment the fare. A short film will screen promptly at 7pm, and MARTY immediately after. The film will be over before 9pm. See you at the movies!





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