Hitchcock’ s ” Foreign Correspondent” at TPL
The Main branch of Tacoma Public Library is showing Hitchcock films this month and next. A couple of weeks ago they screened “To Catch A Thief .” Tomorrow night , at 7pm, they show one of his lesser- known , but equally- great , gems, ” Foreign Correspondent. ” You may think you’ re familiar with Hitch ‘s body of work, but you’ ve probably not seen this film, which originally came out in 1940 and was overs hadowed by ” Rebecca,” which was released around the same time. This is one of my favorite Hitchcock films . It has every thing : intrigue, suspense, romance, action, humor . I’m particularly proud to say that I influenced the choice of this movie being shown (I mean, does anyone really want to sit through “The Birds ” again ? I don’ t). Anyhow, this is the chance to see Hitchcock’ s film on the big screen. You won’ t want to miss it.

This was a message from John Kephart. The screening will be on Thursday night, 10/16/08. Check it out!



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