TFC Meeting a Non-Event on 10/15/08

I arrived at King’s Books last night at 5:50pm to be greeted with the note on the door that they were closing early; @ 5pm. It was too late to try and intercept folks en route to the meeting. Owner John showed up at 6:30pm for a quick check of the premises. He “considered” opening up just for us, but then changed his mind. He said there had been some kind of staff emergency or problem; non-specific data. I decided to wait in the rain and intercept the hordes of members and buffs who would be greeted by the dark store and hand-written sign. Of course the last Presidential Debate did complicate things as well. By 7pm, John Kephart, Cherry and I were all that showed up. Ron showed for a moment, post bike accident, high on morphine, and I sent him home. Becky showed up at 7:20pm, sans Neal of course, who is in Idaho with David. So with Roger showing up later, and God knows who as well, that would have brought the rousing total for the meeting to 6 sterling folks; what joy and bliss. We considered re-conveening at a pub, but without David there for impetus, the evening just kind of fell apart. We will all move forward into November with higher hopes that things will occur, that meetings will be attended. I suppose there is a possibility that last night’s meeting could be re-scheduled for next week, like Wednesday the 22nd, but is King’s Books available? Could folks make their calendar adjustment? Does anyone have the energy or verve to make it happen? We will email each other if the spirit(s) become willing.


Cheerfully:  Glenn


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