quiz1bFellow Film Lovers:


Well Christmas is now behind us, and this week we have adieu to 2008. This very Friday, January 2, 2009, we will have our first Tacoma Film Club screening of the new year; THE TIN DRUM (1979). Director Volker Schlondorff, who has been a college professor teaching film and literature since 2001, directed 37 films. He, in the beginning of his career, while living in France, had been an assistant director to Louis Malle and Alain Resnais. Nobel laureate Gunter Grass considers THE TIN DRUM as one of his best works, and the film pays tremendous homage to it. In VARIETY, it was written, “The film is based on a complex “free association” novel, and it is anti-religious and anti-political. It is also humorous and absurd.” This is a strong and intellectual film that approaches the surreal, complete with shocking, even grotesque imagery, and sexual frankness. Living in a hellish world of emerging Nazism, our little hero refuses to become a part of it; a child who skips childhood and lets a man inhabit his body—a man who resists, who fights the darkness he is engulfed within.


Directed by Volker Schlondorff @ 142 minutes.
The film stars David Bennett, Charles Aznavour, Mario Adorf,  and Angela Winkler. This is a sweeping mesmerizing adaptation of the Gunter Grass novel. Synopsis:
Three-year old Oskar, a child with an adult intellect, in the Germany of the 30’s, decided to simply “cease growing” as a personal protest to the Nazi rise to power. He conveyed his anger and angst by pounding on his toy drum and screaming. This is a surreal and magical tale that captures the supreme madness of war, and the dangerous folly of those responsible. Tagline: “A savage, sweeping epic of society in chaos.” This incredible film won the Best Foreign Film Academy Award, and the Palm D’Or at Cannes.


So shake off the holiday doldrums, and join us for THE TIN DRUM, this Friday, 01/02/09, at the Center for Spirtual Living, located just at the corner of Division St. and J. Street, at 206 North J Street in Tacoma. For those who want the fellowship, join the early comers in the kitchen, in the basement. Roger & Farishta will have created a wonderful entrée of some kind. Roger will bring TFC membership cards for those who want to purchase them. Anyone who wishes can bring additional goodies, desserts, fruit, wine; whatever, and I assure you they will be consumed. Roger begins serving at 6:15pm. THE TIN DRUM will screen at 7pm. It is a long film, two and a half hours, so there will be no short film this time. See you at the movies!!!




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