6bd0ab71-6c78-4801-b196-1e05b6742a46Tacoma Film Club Members and Friends:


Back in 2004, when founder James Hume created the Tacoma Film Club, we used to meet on the third floor of the PANTAGES THEATER. There was an old conference room up there, cold in winter and hot in summer, and our monthly film discussions would happen within its confines. Then one day the management of the theater decided that it was too much trouble to send a person to unlock the lobby door for us, and we had to look for a new home, a new place to meet and talk about movies. 

Several people in the club knew the management of KING’S BOOKS, and we were invited to have our meetings there. We really found a receptive  building and staff, and for four wonderful years we have met there on the third Wednesdays of each month. Before our last meeting, as I was setting up the chairs, I was taken aside and told that times are tough, and that there will be no staff to cover the store for our accustomed night; nor any other night, since that would be in conflict with several other groups who also meet at the book store. So April 15, 2009 was our “final meeting” at King’s Books. 

But fear not, dear members, for Roger Kuhrt has already found the TFC a new home. Roger, as many of you know, is a man who has influence in several diverse areas here in the South Sound. He has been appointed manager for a space that until recently held an art gallery, right on Broadway. He has scared up three dozen chairs for us to use, and a table, and a refrigerator, and the parking is easy to find on Broadway after 6pm on week days. So my goodness, the TFC has come full circle, and now will hold its meetings almost in the shadow of the Pantages, in a building that is older, with even more historical significance–The Pythian Temple building. 

So tie a string on some appendage, mark your calendars, make a mental note–The Tacoma Film Club will now have a “new home”. So on Wednesday, May 20, 2009, come to the newest space located at 924 Broadway; across the street from the Pantages Theater, in the middle of the block. Parking is abundant, and the TFC one sheet poster, that hung proudly in the front window of King’s Books for many years, will be in the window to greet you from the street. See you at the Discussion Night!




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