37183933D E A D    O R    A L I VE

It is kind of a fun trivia game to try and remember which celebrity is still alive, and who has passed away. I will make up some lists and you test your recall.

  1. Richard Widmark  ___DEAD or ___ALIVE
  2. James Garner         ___DEAD or ___ALIVE.
  3. Donald Pleasence   ___DEAD or ___ALIVE.
  4. Jack Lord                ___DEAD or ___ALIVE.
  5. Harry Belafonte      ___DEAD or ___ALIVE.
  6. Harvey Korman      ___DEAD or ___ALIVE.
  7. Peter Boyle              ___DEAD or ___ALIVE.
  8. Joan Collins            ___DEAD or ___ALIVE.
  9. Doris Day                ___DEAD or ___ALIVE.
  10. Ray Walston           ___DEAD or ___ALIVE.

10 is a terrific number, so that one’s percentile scores can move in 10% increments.

So I guess 10/10 would be a 100%, like a genius trivia expert.

8/10 is 80%, and we can consider that very good trivia knowledge.

5/10 is 50%, and we can consider that a bit questionable.

2/10 or 20% accuracy is just sad, but try again.

Put your guesses in the Comments section, and I will tally them up, as well as reveal the true stats later on down the line.



5 thoughts on “DEAD OR ALIVE?

  1. Gee whiz, folks, doesn’t anyone out there just want to have some Trivia Fun? I have had several ideas of features like this one for the blog site, perhaps one where you guess what movie a quote came from. But, of course, perhaps the feature is not reactive enough, or not grabbing anyone’s interest. At some point, in 30 days or so, if there are no bites, no participation, I will print the Answers to the (10) names.


  2. Susan Gilmour told me she had done the quiz. I showed up ready to look at her responses, and rate them. but NO, nada in the comments. I will have to chide her and beg for a response.


  3. 1. Richard Widmark ___ALIVE
    2. James Garner ___ALIVE.
    3. Donald Pleasence ___DEAD
    4. Jack Lord___DEAD
    5. Harry Belafonte ___ALIVE.
    6. Harvey Korman ___ALIVE.
    7. Peter Boyle ___ALIVE.
    8. Joan Collins ___ALIVE.
    9. Doris Day ___DEAD
    10. Ray Walston ___DEAD

  4. Ronster: Thanks for stepping up and being the first to officially play, to weigh in with your picks.
    Your score is 60% accuracy. You missed (4) of them. But this is a tricky game. The mind plays tricks on us as we keep up on celebs as they pass away. I will print the Answer Key sometime in the future, still awaiting more responses.


  5. Well gosh, folks, this item has been up for seven weeks without too much enthusiastic participation. Susan Gilmour attempted to post her choices, but somehow they never showed up. Ron Boothe got his choices on; coming up with a score of 60% accuracy:

    The answers for all interested were….
    1. Richard Widmark is DEAD.
    2. James Garner is ALIVE.
    3. Donald Pleasence is DEAD.
    4. Jack Lord is DEAD.
    5. Harry Belafonte is ALIVE.
    6. Harvey Korman is DEAD.
    7. Peter Boyle is DEAD.
    8. Joan Collins is ALIVE.
    9. Doris Day is ALIVE.
    10. Ray Walston is DEAD.

    Ron your mistakes were on
    Richard Widmark
    Harvery Korman
    Peter Boyle
    Doris Day.

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