3442007841_070b9c1ee1Fellow Club Members and Interested Friends:

Just another friendly reminder that tomorrow night, Wednesday, May 20, 2009,  the Tacoma Film Club will NOT be meeting at King’s Books; and we will meet at 7pm at 924 Broadway, across from the Pantages Theater, street level in the Pythian Temple. Roger and I will be there at 6pm to set up chairs and the snack table. It should be fun to do our thing in a new space, with plenty of room, and a little less time constraints. Anyone interested in socializing, or helping with set up, just show up early. Look for our 3-sheet TFC Poster in the window, welcoming each of you. So–see you all on Broadway!



2 thoughts on “See You All On Broadway

  1. I really like the new space. It is comfortable, quiet for the discussions and doesn’t smell funny. I am glad that Roger was able to get us in. I am totally looking forward to the tour!

  2. I shall arrange a TOUR in our future sometime this Summer. Right now tours are hampered a bit by all the construction we are doing on the second floor, but the dust will soon settle.

    The Phantom Director

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