See You All On Broadway

3442007841_070b9c1ee1Fellow Club Members and Interested Friends:

Just another friendly reminder that tomorrow night, Wednesday, May 20, 2009,  the Tacoma Film Club will NOT be meeting at King’s Books; and we will meet at 7pm at 924 Broadway, across from the Pantages Theater, street level in the Pythian Temple. Roger and I will be there at 6pm to set up chairs and the snack table. It should be fun to do our thing in a new space, with plenty of room, and a little less time constraints. Anyone interested in socializing, or helping with set up, just show up early. Look for our 3-sheet TFC Poster in the window, welcoming each of you. So–see you all on Broadway!



About Glenn Buttkus

Former actor and Special Ed teacher for the blind, newly retired, spending my days struggling as poet, photographer, novelist, husband, and grandfather.
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2 Responses to See You All On Broadway

  1. zenobia33 says:

    I really like the new space. It is comfortable, quiet for the discussions and doesn’t smell funny. I am glad that Roger was able to get us in. I am totally looking forward to the tour!

  2. Parzifal says:

    I shall arrange a TOUR in our future sometime this Summer. Right now tours are hampered a bit by all the construction we are doing on the second floor, but the dust will soon settle.

    The Phantom Director

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