soloFellow Members & Movie Buffs:

Now is the time, Friday May 29, 2009. The Grand has opened up our theatrical film GOODBYE SOLO right on schedule. Please remember the drill–the Grand often only runs a film for one to two weeks. This is an excellent film but who knows what kind of box office it will generate. I had an opportunity to lead the discussion on this for tomorrow, but opted to attend my daughter’s birthday dinner instead.

Written and Directed by Ramin Bahrani @ 91 minutes.
Starring Souleymane Sy Savane, Red West, Diana Franco Galindo, and Mamadou Lam. Synopsis: Solo is an immigrant, a Senegalese cab driver, whose American dreams are still in their infancy. William is an old redneck whose life is rife with regrets. Somehow they forge an unlikely, unique friendship and spiritual bond that illustrates just how the true face of our America is changing. Roger Ebert gave it four stars, and wrote, “Bahrani is the new great American director. He never steps wrong. Wherever you live, when this film opens, it will be the best film in town.”

Ann Hornaday of the Washington Post wrote,” One of the most cheering cinematic trends of late is the blossoming of a style that could be called “American Postindustrial Neorealism”–like the Italian neorealists of the 1940’s, these new films are deeply rooted in their time and place. The master of the movement is Ramin Bahrani, an American of Iranian descent, who made a quietly sensational debut in 2005 with MAN PUSH CART, following it up with an even more accomplished CHOP SHOP. Bahrani’s new movie GOODBYE SOLO offers further proof that he is one of the best reasons to keep going to the movies. GOODBYE SOLO is visually simple and stunning, especially the haunting nightscapes of Solo’s perambulations; shot by cinematographer Michael Simmons. But more important, GOODBYE SOLO is driven by deep feeling and sensitivity.”

The Grand feature times for this week are:

2:45, 4:50, 7:00, and 9:00.

So hey folks, do not procrastinate. Get out there and see this fine film while you can–so that our discussion of it on June 17th will be spirited and informed. See you at the Grand!



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