AT 6:00 PM

206 N. J STREET (just off Division
at Center for Spiritual Living)

Some wine provided by the club.
Bring your own beer or non-alcoholic beverage of choice.

Please bring a prepared dish to share during the evening.  
An appetizer, salad, vegetable, meat, or dessert choice to add to our feast

From the “Sketch Book” by Washington Irving:
      It was a brilliant night, but extremely cold; our chaise whirled rapidly over the frozen ground; the post-boy smacked his whip incessantly, and a part of the time his horses were on a gallop.  “He knows where he is going,” said my companion, laughing, “and is eager to arrive in time for some of the merriment and good cheer of the servants’ hall.

A response:
Times have changed W.  There aren’t servants and country gentlemen about in our lives now days. Nor will any animals be injured during this premier evening.  But we need little encouragement to enjoy each other’s company at this lovely time of the year.   
We hope you will be able to join us.

Susan Gilmour  
253 752 5835 message/question


2 thoughts on “TFC Holiday Party @ CSL

  1. DEAR SIR, im very impressed whith your film club, im into the classics we are very fortunate to have 2 film CLUBS running once a week both are run by volunteers, here in VICTORIA AUSTRALIA, the reason im writing is ive just noticed you have the film that ive been chasing for a long time LONELY ARE THE BRAVE, we are also after 2 others (THE COME ON 1955) and (CRIMES OF PASSION 1954) both stars STERLING HAYDEN, we would have loved to attend the distance, saying that its a possibilty, cheers john

  2. Thanks for the shout out, John. LONELY ARE THE BRAVE was only remastered and released in DVD here in America a few months ago. I don’t know if it is available in PAL format for you yet. Check for it on PAL often has lost classics that we cannot get over here, like Robert Mitchum in THE WONDERFUL COUNTRY. As to the two film noirs that you are looking for, try Ebay, and keeping haunting Amazon. I will email you soon to further our dialogue.


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