Benefit Concert to Promote DVD Journal of Repentance

I think the following announcement might be of interest to Tacoma Film Club Members so I am posting it here. The announcement comes from Bill Bichsel.



Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce that my good friends Steve and Kristi Nebel,, poets, song writers and singers will be performing a benefit
concert for Journey of Repentance on Sunday, February 21st at the Tacoma
Dominican Center in Tacoma.
Tacoma Dominican Center

935 Fawcett Avenue South, Tacoma WA 98402

2-3 PM Social Hour w/ refreshments

3-4 PM Steve and Kristi Performing

Free Will Offering

RSVP via email requested so we can plan refreshments (

Steve and Kristi recently released their latest CD “Raven Speaks” recorded
with their songs, and the poems of Pacific Northwest poet, Duane Niatum. Geoff
Bard of the Victory Review writes “No one exemplifies the socially aware
musician better than Steve and Kristi Nebel. Steve and Kristi do a truly
wonderful job of combining searing social concern about war and peace with a
delightful spirit of love and happiness. Kristi…sings with a hauntingly
beautiful voice which is at once ethereal and earthy.”

Last summer a group of us, Steve and Kristi included, calling ourselves Journey
of Repentance, traveled to Japan to try to make amends for the atomic bombings
of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and to listen to the stories of the survivors of the
bombings. All members of the group were moved by the experience to work for
nuclear-weapon abolition and especially to call attention to the Nuclear Weapon
Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review which will be held in the first days of
May 2010 at the United Nations. Mayors for Peace in Japan are deeply involved
in encouraging world leaders to “Set a Date” for nuclear abolition.

One of our group, Ashley Michael Karitis is a film maker who filmed
the Journey and the message. She with the assistance of 2 interns from the
University of Washington is editing the film. Our group needs to raise $4,500
to help pay for the editing of the film, for making 1000 DVD’s which will be
distributed or sold and for arranging and organizing venues and events where
the film will be shown.

Steve and Kristi are gifting Journey of Repentance by performing
for us on Sunday the 21st. If you are unable to attend but would like to
contribute to the production of this worthy DVD please send your donation to
Journey of Repentance, C/O Bill Bichsel, 1417 South “G” Street, Tacoma WA

We are asking for your financial help to make known the spirit of
non-retaliation and reconciliation that the Japanese showed us and to make
known the survivors life-long witness to the need to rid our world of nuclear

Through the film the members of our group hope to raise the
consciousness of the need for people to work for abolition of nuclear weapons.
Your prayers for nuclear weapon abolition are the greatest assistance.

Whether or not you can help financially but wish to assist us please contact

In Hope and Joy in our journey to say good-by to nuclear weapons.

Bill Bichsel, S.J.


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