Many fans of the DC universe see the Joker as the ultimate in sociopathic masterminds. To depict such a character adequately means that some very dark places are indeed not merely seen, but deeply explored. Before I saw this film, I thought that Heath Ledger’s role might have been over-hyped, with all the talk about his death after filming. But I have to admit that even if Mr. Ledger were still alive, he would be in Oscar contention. Such a superior performance can only be achieved with the other strong talents of film production, from writing to directing. This Batman film raises the bar from previous efforts and is well worth your trip to the theater.

Mark Monlux

Our stalwart member, chef, and administrator, aka The Phantom Director, has stumbled onto a gold mine of talent and creativity. Here is the message sent out this week:

Fellow Club Members: I have run into Mark Monlux several times in the past two months–mostly I was supporting his work with the group C.L.A.W. He may visit with us this coming Friday (March 6) for our screening.

I knew he did a lot with Comics, but I had no idea he combined being a “movie critic” with the “comics” medium. It is unique and quite fun. Go to: 

Cheerfully: The Phantom Director


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