I contacted Mark Monlux, who is still interested in joining our film club, and he feels that it is permissable for us to enjoy his comic reviews on several films we have screened, reviewed, and discussed in the past. His site, THE COMIC CRITIC, is located at: http://www.thecomiccritic.com.

The body count for this film goes much higher than seven. Much, much higher. Are you get bored with Westerns in which all the cowboys do is talk about their anguished feelings? Do you want a Western with enough lead flying around to make a couple of cannonballs? Then this well produced story about a bunch of men, some mean, some nasty, and all of them with hair triggers, might just be a couple of hours worth of entertainment that you need. 3:10 to Yuma certainly hit the spot for me. And good luck with the body count.   MM

I enjoy watching movies about funerals. I think that I’m attracted to wondering if the dead have a final surprise waiting for us. Maybe it’s a message left behind by plan or accident. Maybe it’s a long held secret finally revealed within the will. Or just the opening spill gates of raw emotion drenching everyone. Whatever the cause, for me a funeral movie is like a roadside accident, my curiosity of how bad the damage is always gets the better of me and I have to rubberneck. And if you rubberneck as well, you will see something more than a mere fender-bender as there is some heavy wreckage occurring. There might even be a fatality.  MM

***Reviews provided by permission of Mark Monlux, The Comic Critic.


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