TFC Film Picks for May 2010

The Producer’s Committee Film Picks for May, 2010 A Month of Documentaries  Theatrical release: The Grand Theater  BABIES aka BEBE(S) (2010) Directed by Thomas Balmes  Synoposis: This visually stunning French documentary simultaneously follows four babies around the world—from first breath to first step; from Mongolia to Namibia to San Francisco to Tokyo, it joyfully captures the … Continue reading TFC Film Picks for May 2010



Fellow Film Club Members & Movie Buffs: March left with gentle breezes, and April came in roaring with 50 mph winds, and here we are with yards full of blossoms and soaked verdant lawns. We continue with the TFC salute to both Roman Polanski, two of his crime films, and the second film this month … Continue reading THE MATADOR @ CSL