GET LOW @ The Grand

Get Low (103 min, PG-13) "We're asked to take Felix Bush on faith, and since he's played in "Get Low" by Robert Duvall, we must. Duvall is authentic right down to the bone, and lends his credibility to almost every character he plays. Felix requires a lot of credibility. He's a backwoods hermit with the … Continue reading GET LOW @ The Grand


Producer’s Film Picks for September 2010

Producer’s Film Picks for September 2010 DVD 8 1/2 (1963) Directed by Federico Fellini @ 135 minutes. The film stars Marcello Mastroianni, Claudia Cardinale, Anouk Aimee, Barbara Steele, Sandra Milo, and Mark Heron. Synopsis: Famed film director Guido Anselmi is running out of time, and he is struggling to find the inspiration to start his next film; after his last film was a flop at the box … Continue reading Producer’s Film Picks for September 2010

Moon Over 924 Broadway

Fellow Club Members & Movie Buffs: Yes, August is under way, moving methodically toward summer’s end, and giving us those last few halcyon week ends. The Tacoma Film Club is pleased to continue with our film theme of “alternate dimensions” . Join us this Friday, August 13th, always a lucky day for me, for a taunt science-fiction drama, M … Continue reading Moon Over 924 Broadway


Film Club Members & Movie Buffs: Well, look at that--the summer has moved along like a runaway freight train, and July has moved on down the track. Those of us who attended the TFC Summer Party enjoyed another festive evening at 924 Broadway, with lots of visiting, laughing, sipping wine, and eating all sorts of lovely re pastes prepared … Continue reading LOVELY BONES–MADE IN HEAVEN @ 924 BROADWAY