Get Low
(103 min, PG-13)

“We’re asked to take Felix Bush on faith, and since he’s played in “Get Low” by Robert Duvall, we must. Duvall is authentic right down to the bone, and lends his credibility to almost every character he plays. Felix requires a lot of credibility. He’s a backwoods hermit with the kind of beard that suggests he took a box of Smith Brothers Cough Drops into the barber and said, “Give me one of those.” He lives with a mule, a shotgun and his secrets… In the present (the 1930s), Felix learns of the death of an old friend, and this inspires him to make his own plans. He makes a rare visit to town to meet with the undertaker Frank Quinn (Bill Murray) and explain how he wants to “get low.” He plans his burial plot, his stone, his farewell sendoff and even the designated speaker. He intends this all to happen now, while he’s still alive and can enjoy getting the value for his money.” — Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
With a mix of sly humor, homespun grace and affecting poignancy, “Get Low” casts a well-nigh irresistible spell while spinning a Depression-era folk tale from the Tennessee backwoods. — Joe Leydon, Variety

Get Low, starring Bill Murray and Robert Duvall, shows off the lost art of storytelling. Wry, funny, and poignant — Get Low is a treat. –Laremy Legel,

Mon-Thurs, Aug 30-Sept 2: (2:00), (4:20), 6:45, 9:00

Fri, Sept 3: (2:00), (4:20), 6:45, 9:00
Sat-Mon, Sept 4-6: (11:40am), (2:00), 4:20, 6:45, 9:00
Tues-Thurs, Sept 7-9: (2:00), (4:20), 6:45, 9:00

So, right on schedule, the Grand has opened our theatrical pick for September. Get yourselves to it when you can, because the film club discussion night will be upon us soon enough. I plan on seeing this film during the week. Be aware of Friday, September 3, 2010, when the TFC screens Fellini’s 8 1/2. Maybe I will bump into some of you over at the Grand.


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