Jody reflects on Short Cuts

Our screening and discussion of John Altman’s film Short Cuts was based on a suggestion by long-time member of the Tacoma Film Club, Jody Dubay. Unfortunately, Jody was not able to attend our discussion of this film during our October meeting. She sent me the following comments about the film and I am posting them for her here on our blogsite.
Ron Boothe
Short Cuts:
Altman has directed a film showing coincidences of everyday life that we are sometimes too busy to notice.
There are two categories, those who survive near misses and those who don’t.
Death is never far away even on a fishing trip.
Some lives intersect , some casually.
The lives are often desperate but there are some survivors.
It shows detached and dysfunctional behaviors i.e.:co-dependency of the relationship of Tomlin and Waits.
The characters seem to be doing the wrong things at the wrong time.
There were so many things unexplored I wanted to know more.
Altman is the antithesis of Hollywood formula films.and you cannot predict the outcome of what will be.
There is no phony sentimentality.
After viewing it a second time I was aware of a theme of many doors being closed.  This this mean a way of not having to face
unwanted emotions?
You cannot take everything in in one setting
There are people stuck in bad jobs and unfaithful relationships.  Most of the people behave badly in their middle class and working lives.
It is a study of human frailties.
I enjoyed the unpredictability of this film and my interest did not flag.
A note of trivia.  A really earthquake occurred three months after this film was released.  Two of my daughters survived though they lost almost everything.  It was hours before we could connect and I knew  several people had been killed several blocks away.
Thank you for your attention and I am so sorry I wasn’t there with you.
Jody DuBay

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